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The Madness of the Anointed One 


As his final hour approached 

it was clear to Presidente Salvador Sagrada Doble Mas Bueno

that his subjects were

incapable of proper adoration


He sat quietly shaking behind the heavy desk

that had been his anchor through much of the muddling

and presented both tiny hands


He had already marked an X on both palms

where he would have his secret service drill the sacred stomata


many said that he was god’s profit

and he agreed


-not quite christ

but a street tough


jewless alternative


He was to be self-crucified at 8pm EST


The press had been drinking since noon

and could be seen giggling about the Big House

repeatedly ringing the doorbell

then hiding in the rose garden


At home all the unemployed unpeople

littered about

throwing popcorn and shoes at their TVs


His plan was to walk solemnly into the garden

while his staff sang

Primera Dama would thread the rope through the holes 

then hoist him up the flagpole


He would flap there

above them all

as a sideways savior

until the angels came


But regrettably

and wretched be the madness of the anointed one

his final presidential orders

would never be enacted


Like many others

he began to feel the wasting consumption


Earlier in the day

he had felt his large intestine break loose

and wriggle through his body cavity


vinelike searching

slowly strangling the liver and both lungs

inside his cave

his inners were at riot with themselves


He quickly swallowed another cocktail cure of



but in protest

his tongue unhinged

and plucked out his teeth


one by one the bicuspids and molars

swam up and into his brain

to gnaw at his genius


He ordered his body to halt the insurgence!

But biology ignores a bitter script

and bloated threats sit better with sycophants


In his last act of belonging

he placed a medallion around his neck

with the letter “H” clearly etched in the center


This would indicate to all of the attending angels

that Presidente Salvador Sagrada Doble Mas Bueno

should be brought directly up to “H”eaven

and not any other place


He had cleverly included the nuclear codes on the backside

so they would know who’s side he was on

and how much he loved their strong arms and soft wings