Perfect Desire 


She fell hard for Felix


of course she would

he was perfect desire


He smelled like a chocolate coffee puppy

and spoke with the naive charm of a misdiagnosed artist


He was a dancer

and a little fancier than most boys she liked


but the way he moved

the devilment of thighs

each one at play with the pleated skirt

was delightful


-it was her skirt actually

he borrowed everything


in time

they would build a house

and fill it with children


they’d hoe a garden

and grow too many pumpkins

pickles and string-peas


on date night he’d fix her hair

pull it up and off her shoulders

so that he might kiss her neck come sunset


and again at breakfast 


Felix would simply appear when she was happy

or when she thought about hugging


She gave little attention to the aspect

that they’d never met


that neither knew the other


or the detail that he existed as a work of desire


He simply appeared when she was happy