Flying Saucer4.jpg

Ship of Thoughts


Bradbury received the news

via radio broadcast

while on working-holiday in the

Tierra del Fuego archipelago


According to initial reports

a small plane had apparently

been hit by lightning

and crashed into the

sea off Cape Horn


The American put down his pen

and reckoned with the grayness outside his window


Earlier in the day

he had communications with the Ship


and as usual

thoughts were exchanged





but this time

there were unusual gaps in the transmission

an odd frequency

and foreboding to the particles received


Bradbury feared the plane

was actually his beloved

Ship of Thoughts

that had been swallowed

by the brine


Now that Maggie had gone

this Ship was his muse


writing was all he had

and it was drowning 


Bradbury cried into his empty room

for Maggie


then hired a fishing boat

to bring him to the misfortune