Gossip of Bees 2.jpg

Drift Away Darling Dream


Drift away darling dream

fair morning rise and wake

in the bashful yawn of flowers

and the gossip of the bees


dance away moonshade

call home your pixie friends

turn gentle silent saturn rings

and rest with distant sky


let dayspring pour

new light through leaves

to water and bluebird song

where children swim and old ones think


of the green in the growing

and the milk in the grass

the reach of roots

through the years


of the breath of a forest 

and the potion in the plant

the healing seed

alive with the rain


of the path in the valley

and walk with the sun

the sweet pine

as it touches the hills


drift away darling dream

to see the color of morning

as indigo kisses and orange blushes

as it faints upon my face