I stand FB.jpg

I Stand Here


I stand here 

watching all the lost angels

wash the feet of fools

sharing their lies better than bread


I stand here

in shadows of two towers gone

waiting some hundred odd years

for the dream of a bullet-proof King


I stand here

rusting on this rock

sinking in this harbor

trapping hopes in snapshot postcards


perhaps you’ve been inside me

parted the copper and slowly worked your way up my robe

searching for my promise

and a little taste of America


perhaps you’ve climbed into my mind

starry eyed me

red capped me

tied me up and wrapped me

in flags and patriot grins 


perhaps you’ve misunderstood me

as some antebellum girl

shackled on this island


but scratch my pale patina skin

I’m brown as Lincoln’s coin



We stand here

in grey water

our torch out with the tide

we won’t see where we’re going

a colossus of failed destiny


We kneel here

demanding that you care


We’re tired

We’re poor

and We can’t breathe