A Small Grey Calcium Stone


At the moment of Big DonDon’s death

his well upholstered skin and other perishables

simply slipped off the skeleton

and vanished into the bedding


This spectacle grim-macabre

was incidental

in the privileged splendor and sight

of Big DonDon’s naked framework


Those present were moved to applause

and photography

by the magnificent beauty and superior quality of his bones


They were all



inbred to perfection

and blessed in the intense purity of whiteness


it was as if each one had been carefully bleached 

from within


Big DonDon would have been delighted

and found eternal comfort

in the knowledge that his remains were capable of such bedazzlement


Caged in the rib lattice of this great white wonder

was a small grey calcium stone where his heart could have been


it still rattled about

pretending to beat

as it had done for so many years


At the burial


those paid to cry

did so with enthusiasm

and tossed cufflinks and coins

after the golden sarcophagus

as it was lowered into the dirt


But the earth herself

refused to hold his bones


she couldn’t

she was sick with a temperature

and would not poison herself unnecessarily


So the bones of Big DonDon were rejected


castaway in resolute respect

floating from the grave

up and away in all directions


Crows circling above

grabbed the tender pieces

the kneecaps

and the tiny finger knuckles


while an eagle took the rest up a cliff

and built a home

and laid her eggs

and raised a brood


in a nest of Big DonDon’s bones