Rain to Snow FB.jpg

The Blackened Reach of Trees


Jamie woke up this morning

and found that he no longer cared


it was mid-November and the time for giving up


he waited for the modest sun to rise in her tired sky

before he bravely lifted the covers


his window looked out over the rain

and into a small world below


the streets and lonely folk all part of the same unattended feast

and an empty plate between it all


this is what he saw

and this was worth seeing


and in these first sips of acceptance

there came a romance with the emptiness

and a fondness for the grey within the blackened reach of trees



the rain has fallen to snow

and the page is white


Jamie chooses a yellow pastel

rolling it in his hand as a gardener considers earth


as the powder gathers in the folds of his fingers

he cares not what he will make that day


no care of subject or shape


only that the yellow reminds him of a better sun

and the color of his children’s hair